Microsoft and Fusion-io Joint Training Events

Apr 25

United States/Canada  25 Apr 2012 — 09 May 2012

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We'll show how SQL Server 2012 (Denali) and Fusion-io work together to create highly available, low-latency database work loads that really scream. (A recent benchmark just showed 1.1m TPS.)

April 25th - Toronto, Canada

Greg Ulepic and Cuyler Dingwell of Fusion-io will be presenting with Microsoft Senior Technology Solutions Professional Marc Theoret.

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May 2nd - Denver, CO

Ed Balduf of Fusion-io will be presenting with Michael Wilmot of Microsoft.

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May 9th - Mountain View, CA

Fusion-io Principal Solutions Architect Sumeet Bansal will be presenting with Microsoft Principal Enterprise Architect Ross Mistry.

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These teams will show you the extreme performance of the solution, the fast failover and the AlwaysOn capabilities. Then teach you how it is done. Register right away!