More Desktops. More Virtual Machines. More Data-intensive Applications.

I/O is one of the biggest barriers to effectively consolidating virtual environments. As virtual workloads increase, DRAM requirements quickly exceed what servers can hold. When virtual DRAM is paged out, multiple applications are forced to access storage for application data in highly random patterns—the worst situation possible for achieving good I/O.

Fusion-io eliminates the problems these bottlenecks cause in virtual environments by making terabytes of high-performance, non-volatile memory available within each server. Fusion's ioDrives act as a memory extension or as a high-capacity page/swap space to dramatically improve performance and efficiency in virtual environments.

Because of this, Fusion-io can considerably boost performance in virtual servers and virtual desktop infrastructures. Using an in-server flash tier, the ioDrive increases the performance of each virtual machine, supports more machines per server, guarantees low latency, and lowers costs.

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