Virtual Desktops

Fast, Consistent and Affordable VDI

We were truly seeing no [measurable] latency even during peak demands.

- Bill Burke, CIO, Starkey

Fusion-io makes VDI possible by lowering storage costs and delighting users with the desktop performance experience they expect.

Whether your approach to VDI involves stateless or persistent desktops, 200 or 20,000 desktops, deploying new storage or leveraging your existing storage – Fusion-io has a flash-powered solution that delivers the performance, availability, and affordability that your business requires to justify VDI. Fusion-io lets you pick the solution that matches how you plan to implement VDI. Each solution uses our market leading Fusion ioMemory to provide consistent low latency, unrivaled endurance, and uncompromised I/O your VDI environment needs.

Virtual Desktops
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What do you need from VDI?

New VDI Optimized Storage

ioControl Hybrid Storage

Hybrid storage for performance and capacity

Make my existing Storage work


VDI-aware software and in-server flash



Server-side flash memory serves desktops up fast

Product-based VDI Solutions

ioControl Hybrid Storage

Hybrid Storage Appliance


Desktop aware software


World Class Flash Memory

Benefits and Features

ioControl Hybrid Storage
  • Consistent user experience - ioControl Storage Quality of Service (QOS)
  • More performance - 4x more VMs with ioControl flash-first hybrid architecture
  • Lower storage costs - though consolidating more workloads on a single shared storage appliance
  • Leverage existing storage investment ioVDI write vectoring offloads writes up to 80%.
  • Improve user experience 6x boot times from transparent file sharing and desktop responsiveness consistently under 50ms
  • Increase VM density and consolidate servers ioVDI consolidates up to 400 desktops per server
  • Guarantee performance even during peak loads
  • Outperform physical PCs with Virtual desktops
  • Scale in-server building blocks of hundreds of desktops

- Brett Waldman, Research Manager, Client Virtualization at IDC

The storage most people have for their average SAN can’t support the IOPS that are needed for a VDI environment.

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We zipped up a bunch of essentials you'll need to get ready for the coolest adventure your data has always wanted to go on. Think of it as a backpack full of energy bars or maybe it's like bringing your lunch from home in that cool sc-ifi lunch box your Mom would never buy you. Look, just download it. You'll need it to brag to all your buddies that you're getting Fusion-io.

Here's what you'll get in the VDI Welcome Kit:

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  • 7 Solutions briefs/deployment overviews
  • 3 technical guides/white papers