Accelerate Real-Time Business Intelligence

All interaction with the system is now faster. The end result is many more satisfied customers.

- Klaus Stärk, Head of Department Systems, UKW

SAP performance is a win from both sides of the data.

SAP HANA PartnerFusion-io solutions for SAP HANA accelerate your real-time, mission-critical transactions and analytics to speed time to insight. This enables improved business productivity, faster response times to optimize the user experience, and instant insights in real time to give you a competitive edge. At the same time, you benefit from increases in enterprise datacenter efficiency and reliability to ensure you get the highest return on your infrastructure investment.

You can cost-effectively accelerate your performance-sensitive SAP HANA™ applications while maintaining high levels of data integrity and recoverability with Fusion’s all-flash ION Accelerator appliance. As SAP certified enterprise storage for SAP HANA™, ION Accelerator is architected with industry-leading ioMemory to deliver unmatched acceleration for even the most demanding data-intensive workloads, and can be flexible deployed for SAP HANA™ Tailored Datacenter Integration as part of a certified, fully certified supported environment using you existing SAP architecture.

ION delivers class-leading performance for Data and Log storage in both single node and Highly Available HANA environments. Whether for small, mid-size and large-scale SAP environments, you can scale your SAP HANA solution with as many as 32 HANA nodes in as little as 4U of flash memory.

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Cost Effective Performance, Scalability and Efficiency for SAP HANA Applications

Transform real-time transactions and analytics with SAP HANA and the Fusion ION Accelerator all-flash appliance.

  • More transactions, faster
  • Highly available
  • Easy integration, fully supported
  • Flexible deployment options

Features and Benefits

  • Reduce Costs. Increase performance while reducing infrastructure complexity and costs.
  • Accelerate time to insight.
  • Use Flash that Fits. Fusion-io solutions accelerate any architecture.
  • Deploy SAP Certified Solutions. The ION Accelerator Appliance is an SAP Certified Enterprise Storage Hardware platform for SAP HANA Tailored Data Center Integration configurations.
  • Enable real-time business.


  • Deploy SAP Certified Solutions. The ION Accelerator Appliance is an SAP Certified Enterprise Storage Hardware platform for SAP HANA Tailored Data Center Integration configurations. Learn More
  • Enable real-time business.

Transform Your Business with Flash that Fits

ION Accelerator Appliance is designed from the ground up for performance. Its design incorporates Fusion ioMemory along with a streamlined, innovative software stack that eliminates bottlenecks.

Multi-lane PCIe

ION Accelerator appliances feature an innovative multi-lane PCIe architecture that scales performance with capacity and eliminates bottlenecks. End-to-end latency from the time the request is initiated to the time the commit is returned to the initiator can be under 80 microseconds.

Four Storage Processors

With High-Availability ION Accelerator Appliances, four storage processors simultaneously accelerate performance for volumes distributed across each pair of appliances. Software optimizations enable parallel processing that multiplies ION storage processor speeds over conventional all flash systems.

Optimized Synchronous Replication

With High-Availability ION Accelerator Appliances, data is replicated between appliances using a low-latency connection and optimized data placement that minimizes the impact of replication on overall database performance.

SAP Solutions

Product-Based Solutions

ION Accelerator helps SAP HANA applications run at high levels of performance while maintaining high levels of data integrity and recoverability. The ION Accelerator delivers unmatched acceleration for SAP HANA application environments, ranging from in-memory analytics to persistent OLTP environments such as SAP Business Suite on HANA.

All-Flash Performance for SAP HANA

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Simple, Flexible Deployment Options

SAP Solutions

Fusion-io flash memory with SAP HANA can realize faster data load times, faster back-up and recovery times, and better SAN utilization. Fusion ION Accelerator delivers increased performance and scalability for deployments of SAP HANA at dramatically lower capacity costs.