Consistently High Web Performance Increases Conversion Rates

For every 100ms increase in load time for servers, sales decreased by 1%. Consequently, it's easy to see why Web retailers are looking to improve performance, as there is a direct correlation between conversion rates and revenue. However, web retail's volatile nature makes this a challenge. Achieving the required performance needed to accommodate load spikes using conventional, disk-based technology is unaffordable for most companies; yet achieving that performance can be critical. An influx of orders received during holidays or when a product goes viral on the web, can make or break a company.

Fusion's ioMemory eliminates database latency with a persistent, high-performance, high-capacity memory tier that offers web retailers the following benefits:

  • Consistently high performance that increases conversion rates
  • A simpler, more reliable and maintainable system
  • Higher return on investment, and lower total cost of ownership


Web Retailer Increases Online Transactions by over 12x

For half the cost of a SAN upgrade, resource-constrained gets a simpler, more powerful, and more reliable system with Fusion-io.

"Our holiday season went very well without any problems. In fact, due to the Fusion-io product, we did not have many of the problems that we normally have had this time of the year." -Geoffrey Smalling, CTO of

See how Fusion-io helps retail applications:

Consistently High Performance Increases Conversion Rates

  • Improving the customer experience by:
    • Accelerating database performance and increasing web cache capacity for faster website load and display
    • Improving search speeds
    • Speeding order processing
    • Handling peak loads, even during holidays
    • Providing fast mirroring/replication to ensure all databases are current
  • Reducing maintenance windows--run tasks nightly and know they will complete on time
  • Achieving high customer satisfaction, which leads to higher revenue

A Simpler, More Reliable and Maintainable System

  • Get higher performance from less infrastructure—fewer servers, disks, cables, and switches to maintain
  • Reduce maintenance windows—keep systems up-to-date without the worry that processes won't complete on time
  • Integrate ioMemory seamlessly with database applications, allowing administrators to leverage existing mirroring/replication technologies while removing many hardware and software failure points

Higher Return on Investment and Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Buy less hardware and fewer software licenses
  • Lower power and cooling costs
  • Reduce system administration costs
  • Save rack space and co-location fees
  • High ROI--often instantaneous on savings from repurposed hardware