Enhancing Speed-to-intelligence and Compliance without Compromise

Fusion's revolutionary new memory tier, ioMemory, greatly increases applications' ability to process data, enhancing speed-to-intelligence. This helps government entities in many ways, including the following:

Speeds Response Times for Boots-on-the-ground Military

Boots-on-the-ground military, including warfighters and first responders, require the fastest possible response to react on real-time information. Fusion-io technology reduces the weight, power, and cooling needs of deployable systems by offering the performance of a large Storage Area Network (SAN) in a device that consumes no more space than a network card.

Fusion-io demonstrated ioMemory capabilities at the 2011 Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (CWID):

ioMemory has also proven its benefits at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic (SSC Atlantic) and on the Trident Warrior 2011 (TW11):

"In the field, actionable information must often be determined in mere seconds to guide the outcome of a battle or an appropriate disaster response,” said Cary Humphries, Enterprise Systems Engineering, SPAWAR Systems Center. “The performance improvements and reduced latency realized in testing with Fusion-io products demonstrate that flash-based technologies could provide significant acceleration for military organizations that require fast access to data."

Help Intelligence Agencies Transform Data into Information Faster

Intelligence agencies are faced with processing vast and continually growing volumes of data. At the same time, the window in which they have to process data is shrinking.

Fusion-io technology places terabytes of process-critical data as close to the CPU of application servers as possible. This eliminates the latency that slows intelligence applications to dramatically improve processing time. The result is dramatically faster data warehouse and intelligence application processing.

Click the following to read about how Fusion-io improves analytic and intelligence applications:

Simplifies Systems for Analysts and Datacenter Operators

For intelligence analysts and datacenter operators, whether in the field or at a central location, Fusion-io technology reduces complexity by enabling performance-intensive applications or databases to do much more processing within a much smaller footprint.

Click the following to see how Fusion-io customers are improving performance while simplifying systems:

Allows Agencies to Achieve Compliance Without Compromise

Government agencies face compliance and security mandates that make it difficult to achieve good application performance. On top of this, increasingly restrictive power requirements and shrinking budgets limit the options agencies have to address performance issues.

Fusion-io technology dramatically improves application performance with much less infrastructure. This allows agencies to meet the needs of end-users, while minimizing costs for power and cooling, system administration, software licensing, and floor space.

Click the following to see how Fusion-io customers are improving performance, while reducing infrastructure needs:

Government agencies can rest-assured that devices can be safely sanitized. DISA has confirmed sanitization via the Fusion SureErase tool.

Case Study: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Redefines High Performance Computing with Fusion Powered I/O

Using Fusion's ioSANs and ioDrive Duos, national security laboratory LLNL creates a storage array that achieves more than 52,000,000 IOPS and 400GB/s aggregate bandwidth.