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Fusion ioMemory gives us the speed and our user base by the millions.

- Patrik Torstensson, Architect, Spotify

Instant Insight, Extreme Efficiency for Big Data

Fusion-io solutions eliminate random workload performance deficiencies common to MongoDB, Cassandra and NoSQL databases, such as HBASE, while reducing the operational overhead of their conventional scale-out architectures. Fusion-based solutions deliver predictable and consistently high performance across the entire database, resulting in a more efficient overall system that can require fewer nodes, less DRAM, and use less energy for power and cooling.

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Cassandra Cluster


Cassandra is the leading NoSQL database for Big Data workloads. Fusion-io enables Cassandra to handle larger, more random workloads with fewer cluster nodes than is possible with any other persistent medium.

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Cassandra Cluster Diagram


Fusion-io’s flash memory products increase performance density in Cassandra nodes. This allows Cassandra architects to design clusters with less dependence on DRAM, while reducing cluster sprawl. Cassandra’s flexible configuration options make it easy for architects to design systems that use flash for performance-critical column families and disk capacity for archival column families.

Mongo DB


MongoDB simplifies database operations for unstructured data, offering fast, scalable lookups without the overhead and size of traditional query language and the rigidity of a fixed schema. Figure 1 below illustrates how MongoDB reduces database schema complexity.

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MongoDB Diagram


When deployed in MongoDB NoSQL servers, Fusion ioMemory delivers a flexible, high-performance, low-latency database for big data. This enables the real-time analytics, data mining, and scalability required to handle continually growing data sets without the complexity of traditional disk-based and DRAM heavy systems. This solution has been proven across a growing set of customers, including Kontera and Aggregate Knowledge.

- GigaOM Research

Time to insight will be valuable to derive business value and competitive advantage from Big Data.

Benefits of MySQL and Fusion-io

Speed searches over MongoDB

Aggregate Knowledge’s ioMemory-based system achieved sub- millisecond searches on 1-billion documents

Flash Memory RAM Relief for Cassandra

Add terabytes of flash per node, without aggregating multiple commodity SSDs and an expensive RAID card in JBOD mode

Scale efficiently

MicroAd supports 5-6x more MapReduce tasks per server with ioMemory than with SSDs

Achieve extreme performance for Oracle NoSQL

Cisco and Fusion-io partnered to validate a big data solution that achieved 1.2 million operations per second.

Implement a cost-effective, high-capacity HBASE

Fusion ioMemory delivers consistent, fast response times for random reads over 100-million records in a 1-billion record database

Slash server footprint and system costs

Fusion-io and SQRRL moved Accumulo’s HDFS off disks and onto low-latency ioMemory to slash the system footprint 90%