Direct Access to the Speed of Flash

Give your applications direct memory access and reap the reward of ioMemory

Turns ioMemory Hardware into an Efficient Data Center Acceleration Platform

Fusion’s Virtual Storage Layer (VSL) is the software that powers the ioMemory platform. It allows file systems, volume managers, and applications to access flash through a common block interface. Similar to page tables in the host virtual memory subsystem, the VSL virtualizes flash via “block tables” and translates block requests to physical ioMemory addresses, also analogous to the virtual memory subsystem. Read the ioMemory Virtual Storage Layer (VSL) overview for more information.

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With VSL, Fusion turns ioMemory into an extensible platform that can fully exploit the potential that NAND flash has to offer.

Delivers the Low Latency Today’s Enterprise Applications Demand
VSL integrates ioDrive2, ioDrive2 Duo, and ioDrive Octal hardware with host system CPUs to create an ioMemory platform. This platform provides consistent low latency access for mixed workloads with 15-microsecond access latency, 3GB/s bandwidth, over 700,000 read IOPS and over 900,000 write IOPS. The sophisticated ioMemory architecture uniquely allows for nearly symmetrical read and write performance, making the platform an ideal fit for reliable high performance across a wide variety of real world enterprise requirements.
Enterprise Reliability via Self-Healing, Wear Management, and Predictive Monitoring
VSL 3 includes powerful features to eliminate concerns about reliability, including NAND failures and excessive wear. New features such as Adaptive Flashback ensure complete fault tolerance through intelligent self-healing for multiple NAND failures without interrupting business continuity.
Extensive OS Support and Flexibility
VSL 3 supports all major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, OSX, Solaris x86, ESXi 5.0 and HP-UX. This enables ioMemory platforms to integrate into an even more diverse set of enterprise infrastructures.
Optimizes Data Access with Extensibility
VSL 3 enables development of extensions and plugins to enhance ioMemory platforms in ways that disk form-factor SSDs cannot. This supports development of tools and software like ioTurbine, Fusion SureErase, atomic writes, and custom file system and application integration.