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A Desktop-aware Solution for VDI

Fusion ioVDI software is a desktop-aware solution for virtual desktop infrastructure. Its software-defined approach uniquely combines the economics and management of server-side flash with the data protection and virtualization benefits of shared storage to solve the performance, cost, and management hurdles of virtual desktop infrastructure planning and deployment. It enables fully persistent or stateless desktops at low cost with a truly great user experience.

ioVDI Intelligent Software Efficiently Uses System Resources

Accelerate desktop performance by intelligently vectoring non-persistent writes to local server flash. This delivers consistent desktop response times that are faster than laptops with SSDs (under 50ms) while elegantly handling boot storms.

Improve User Experience with ioVDI

Speed desktop boot times up to 6x with via transparent file sharing that allows all virtual desktops to share common files

complexity to simplicity

ioVDI: Saves Money and Improves Administrator Experience.

VDI administrators and IT staff benefit from:

  • Deployable with leading servers like those from Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM, and Supermicro.
  • Integrates with VAAI-compliant shared storage to optimize SAN/NAS investments.
  • Preserves all VMware mobility features including vMotion, DRS, HA, and SRM, as well as VMware snapshots.
  • Virtual desktops managed and configured using VMware Horizon View and vCenter.
  • Free ioVDI Sizing Calculator takes the pain out of sizing your VDI environment.

The economical performance desktop solution that:

  • Uses write vectoring to offload up to 77% of the SAN/NAS write workload
  • Reduces VRAM provisioning requirements by 88%
  • Delivers Linear scaling in practical 200 desktop increments
  • Has a storage-agnostic architecture that preserves storage and data protection investment on any SAN or NAS storage

John Webster
Senior Partner, Evaluator Group

Many customers would prefer the performance and flexibility of virtual desktops if they could solve the cost and complexity involved with shared storage.

ioVDI Specifications

Solution Components Host Requirements for 200 Virtual Desktops
1 x vCPU, 1GB vRAM, >1000 IOPS per Desktop
Fusion ioVDI Software VMware ESXi 5.0, ESXi 5.1, ESXi 5.5
Server-side PCIe Flash Cisco
1.2TB accelerator for UCS C Series (175 desktops with 785GB mezzanine card for B series)
1.2TB PCIe accelerator1.2TB HP IO accelerator (175 desktops with 785GB mezzanine card for blades)
1.2TB IBM High IOPS PCIe AdapterioMemory 1.2TB or higher recommended
Recommended Host Server Dual-socket Intel E5-2670/Dual-socket AMD 6376; 256GB RAM
Virtual Desktop Software VMware Horizon View 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3
Management Intelligent scripting via CLI
Storage Support Any DAS/SAN/NAS
vSphere Compliance Supports VMware vMotion, HA, DRS, and SRM