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Fusion ioScale is purpose-built ioMemory proven in the world's largest datacenters. It maximizes server transactional processing with up to 3.2TB of ultra-low latency ioMemory per PCI Express slot. This allows web scale and cloud environments to scale performance without the infrastructure costs, complexity and failure points of SSD and hard disk arrays.

Industry Leading
Performance Density

Maximize performance per server with ioScale products in these capacities: 410GB, 825GB, 1650GB, 3.2TB.

Consistent Low-Latency
and High Performance

ioScale offers predictably high-performance, under all workloads and all queue depths, so administrators confidently meet SLAs.

Reliability Through Simplicity

Reduce Complexity

SSD arrays mean more complexity and failure points. When an SSD fails in an array, capacity and performance suffers.

Adaptive Flashback

Fusion Adaptive Flashback handles multiple chip failures without unnecessary redundancy, user intervention or interruption to business.

Unrivaled Endurance

The ioMemory platform offers best-in-class endurance, measured in Petabytes Written (PBW), lasting as long or longer than most components in the data center.

Tools for Flash-Smart Applications

The ioMemory SDK enables developers to optimize applications to more effectively use ioScale flash natively.