Fast. Efficient. Reliable.

Blazing Application Acceleration in a Cost-efficient,
Space-saving Appliance

When You Need More Storage, It's Easy to Scale

The Fusion ION Accelerator appliance is a blazingly fast all flash, highly-available, top-of-rack optimized storage solution. ION Accelerator accelerates demanding workloads including transactional (OLTP and NoSQL) and business intelligence (data warehouses and OLAP) applications allowing business lines to maximize service levels despite reductions in budgets.

It enables enterprises to gain insight from information faster by improving application performance and shortening application response times, ultimately increasing their competitive advantage.

"Fusion’s ION Accelerator has earned its place at the heart of our corporate infrastructure through a combination of its stunning performance, ease of use and ability to integrate seamlessly with our existing technology investments. ION has step changed the capability of our storage platform."
— Nathan Smith
CEO Americas. Sysrepublic Inc.

ION Accelerator Features

ION Accelerator is deployed across industries that need to scale application performance and includes the following features:

  • High performance delivering 1.7 Million random IOPS, 56 microsecond access latency and 23GB/s bandwidth for transactional and sequential workload acceleration
  • Efficient Density with incremental scalable storage of up to 32TB ioMemory capacity in 1U – 4U of space
  • Flexible support for multiple applications, deployment models and storage interfaces
  • Simple to deploy, configure and manage
  • Durability with proven Fusion ioMemory data protection technology like Adaptive Flashback

ION Accelerator Benefits

  • 25-40x Application Acceleration for demanding application and user workloads; enables more concurrent users, quicker response times and faster batch processing and reporting
  • Seamless Database Integration with Oracle, Oracle RAC, SAP, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Informix, Sybase ASE, Sybase IQ and NoSQL
  • End-to-End High Availability protects your data against component, rack and building outages
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership through improved infrastructure and operational efficiency


Deployment Options for Any Business Challenge



Performance Up to 1.7 Million IOPS and 23GB/s Bandwidth Measured (High-End HA Series)
Models Midrange Series High-End Series
High Availability Standalone High Availability Standalone
Maximum Usable Capacity Up to 12.8 TB Up to 32 TB
Maximum ioMemory Products 4 to 5x ioMemory 8 to 10x ioMemory
IO Connectivity
   Fibre Channel: 16Gb
      and 8Gb
   InfiniBand: 56Gb/FDR
      and 40Gb/QDR
   iSCSI: 40Gb and 10Gb
8 Ports 4 Ports 8 Ports 4 Ports
Height (Rack Units) U=1.75” 4U 2U 6-8U 3-4U
Management Fusion-io ioSphere GUI, CLI, SNMP, SMI-S
Operating Systems AIX, HP-UX

Microsoft Windows Server

Oracle Linux, Redhat Enterprise Linux, Solaris, SUSE Enterprise Linux Server

VMware ESXi, Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V, Oracle VM