Setting the High Bar for
Hybrid Performance

Compared to conventional hybrids ioControl has:

  • 160% Higher Density VMs
  • 740% More Read IOPS
  • 53% More Write IOPS
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Performance Where it Counts

ioControl Hybrid Storage combines flash with disk, making performance affordable. Unlike other hybrid storage systems, Fusion ioControl’s integrated software gives you the ability to provision, prioritize, and control shared storage performance. The result is a perfect balance of high-performance memory-attached flash and affordable disk capacity.

Share ioMemory with all your applications

ioControl integrates ioMemory performance without sacrificing capacity.

Provision, control, and monitor performance

Provision performance with Quality of Service. Prioritize application workloads into mission critical, business critical, and non-critical Service Levels. ioControl 3.0 >

ioControl Hybrid Storage Means Performance and Capacity

Virtualize More and Justify VDI

QoS managed ioMemory performance delivers the lowest combined $/GB and $/IOPS in the smallest storage footprint.

10X performance, ⅓ the footprint

KMK Law turned to ioControl for assistance, and realized an increase in both productivity and efficiency.

ioControl Documents

ioControl Datasheet

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ioControl n5 SPX Datasheet

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ioControl White Paper

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