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Support 5x more VMs than any other hybrid array, in the same footprint.

ioControl Performance

Industry Leading Hybrid Performance

ioControl outperforms other hybrids with our best-in-class ioMemory platform. ioMemory flash delivers maximum performance for your virtualized environment, without sacrificing capacity. Ensuring the right data is stored in flash at the right time is critical. ioControl QoS allows your business priorities to dictate when and how flash is leveraged for consistent performance.

Third-party testing and analysis by the Tolly Group demonstrate that the ioControl n5 can deliver 3x more IOPS and 4-5x more read performance to your applications, than other hybrids.

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Best in Class Flash Utilization

Unlike other hybrids, ioControl maximizes flash by accelerating both your read and write workloads.

Most Consistent Performance

Consistent performance is crucial, especially with hybrid arrays. Deliver flash performance where you need it with pre-configured Quality of Service policies.

Hybrid Capabilities to Virtualize Everything

Run your business critical applications confidently alongside non-critical workloads, all while having the ability to boot 4x more virtual desktops than any other hybrid.

ioControl Performance
ioControl Performance

Increase Application Performance with Zero Footprint

For applications that demand ultra-low read latency from shared storage, ioControl Server Performance Extensions (SPX) delivers, taking hybrid performance to the next level. SPX uses intelligent ioMemory server cache to eliminate network read latency for I/O-intensive applications stored on your ioControl hybrid. Server-side acceleration increases application responsiveness significantly without impacting your datacenter footprint.


A recent ESG lab validation concluded that ioControl SPX not only increases application performance by 30%, but it enables you to consolidate more application workloads as well.

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Bill Marshall
CTO and Founder of BridgePay

We’ve been able to cut our processing time by more than half because of the ioControl SPX solution. As a result, our customers are very pleased.

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