Introducing the Best in
World Class Flash Memory

Welcome to the Atomic Series. The best generation of ioMemory.


A full range of the most advanced flash technology, The Atomic Series of ioMemory delivers the highest transaction rate per gigabyte for everything from read intensive workflows to mixed workloads.

The Atomic Series ioMemory also features a highly simplified architecture with the largest capacities of up to 6.4TB per product. It’s truly unprecedented capacity, performance, and reliability to meet whatever your needs are NOW.

Meet Mr. Nice Guy

The Atomic Series is a sustainable solution with the greatest efficiency and lowest power consumption

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Inherent data integrity built on a rich backbone of reliability

The Atomic Series has a highly proven architecture with the largest capacities of up to 6.4TB per product. We deliver on the one important metric of storage memory, latency not just bandwidth and operations per second.

We build in self-healing features so our products are as reliable as the DIMM memory modules connected to the microprocessor.

Two great choices are just the beginning

The Atomic Series is architected for application acceleration.

The performance arm of the Atomic Series is your speed leader and go getter for everything.

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The SX series is the go to product for all scale-out architectures and hyperscale environments.

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