"Magnitudes of breakthrough performance improvement."


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Optimize Your Supermicro Server with Fusion-io Flash Memory Solutions

Supermicro has partnered with Fusion-io to bring the latest high performance storage technology to server system customers. Fusion-io's solid state storage application accelerators, based on NAND Flash memory technology, offer several magnitudes of breakthrough performance improvement at a fraction of the cost of today's traditional disk-based storage systems.

3x-10x infrastructure consolidation

Slash infrastructure expenditures, maintenance overhead, power and cooling costs.

3x-10x application performance

Eliminate I/O (input/output) bottlenecks to dramatically accelerate applications and databases.

Enterprise Reliability

Get advanced error checking and correction (ECC), N+1 chip-level parity, longest life/predictable wear-out, no volatile digital RAM (DRAM).

Supermicro FatTwin and Fusion-io

Supermicro SuperBlade and Fusion-io

This new approach to storage technology is applicable to Supermicro customers in a wide variety of applications such as Database/Data warehousing & OLTP, Web 2.0 Servers, HPC, Virtualization, Government, Military, Video rendering, Film conversion, and IPTV.

Download the Welcome Kit. It's everything all zipped up for you.

We zipped up a bunch of essentials you'll need to get ready for the coolest adventure your data has always wanted to go on. Think of it as a backpack full of energy bars or maybe it's like bringing your lunch from home in that cool sci-fi lunch box your mom would never buy you. Look, just download it. You'll need it to brag to all your buddies that you're getting Fusion-io.

Here's what you'll get in the Supermicro Welcome Kit:

  • 1 Supermicro SmartPlay configurations
  • 1 white paper