"The savings were enormous."

Geirr G. Halvorsen
Senior Systems Engineer, Front-safe

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IBM and Fusion-io Flash Memory Solutions Proven for Today, Designed for Tomorrow

As IT teams around the world face increasing pressures across data demands, budgets and data security, enterprises worldwide rely on IBM solutions using IBM servers and IBM High IOPS Adapters from Fusion-io. From Zappos to Quaker Maid Meats to Savanna Energy Services Corp., leading enterprises are meeting today’s demands with IBM and Fusion-io with solutions that scale with tomorrow’s needs.

32x faster payroll jobs

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40x faster reports

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3:1 server consolidation

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IBM and Fusion-io Collateral

Learn how IBM creates flash memory application acceleration solutions with IBM servers and IBM High IOPS Adapters from Fusion-io. Read customer case studies, white papers, solution overviews, and blogs.

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