"The ioDrive2s are supported and qualified by HP, so we know we will have a fully supported system."

Klaus Stärk
Head of Department Systems in IT of UKW

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HP and Fusion-io Deliver Leading Innovation in Flash Memory Solutions

HP solutions and HP IO Accelerators are trusted by thousands of enterprises around the world to transform raw data into information at the speeds demanded by today’s real-time business world. From Answers.com and TransUnion to AT Internet, companies of all sizes rely on HP and Fusion-io to accelerate the applications that power their businesses.

"We’ve had a long partnership…around the Fusion-io technology."

Brad Kirby, Group Marketing Manager,

40x faster database queries

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9x faster SAP OpenText Reports

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25 GB/s bandwidth 2 million IOPS

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HP Cloud Solution for Microsoft MMS 2013

Minimize Latency and Maximize Performance

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Learn how HP creates flash memory application accelration solutions with HP servers adn HP IO Accelerators from Fusion-io. Read customer case studies, white papers, solution overviews, and blogs.