Teeone Delivers High Uptime and Fast System Performance with ioControl Hybrid Storage

“Before Fusion, our internal systems weren’t running at optimal performance levels, causing extra time and processes for teeone and our managed services and application hosting clients. With Fusion ioControl Hybrid Storage, overall performance has increased and we are positioned to take advantage of leading-edge capabilities that provide enhanced service to us and our customers.”

Eric Moeller, teeone CTO and co-founder


The Fusion ioControl Hybrid Storage Solution

The Fusion ioControl Hybrid Storage Appliance allows for seamless, on-the-fly updates and improved uptime. Its guaranteed IOPS and performance levels drove a noticeable improvement in work throughput.

  • 95% cost-per-GB reduction
  • 74% footprint reduction
  • Improved uptime
  • Reliable performance
  • Automated data tiering
  • Responsive, attentive support from Fusion-io

Solution Focus

  • Managed services and application hosting
  • VMware ESXi 5.0
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • CRM
  • Accounting and ERP
  • Construction and Productivity

The Bottom Line

Higher performance and uptime at a fraction of the cost.    

  • Able to migrate or restore data on the fly with no downtime
  • Footprint consolidation with increased capacity and IOPS delivers a 95% cost-per-GB reduction from savings on:
    • Storage hardware
    • Monitoring and maintenance
    • Floor space and cabling
    • Power and cooling
  • Able to allocate performance to various applications, depending on customer needs
  • Constant client access to data
  • Significant reduction in client support calls

"It was simply time, from a lifecycle perspective, to upgrade our equipment to something that works reliably and performs dependably."

Eric Moeller, teeone CTO and co-founder



Cost Per GB Reduction

With Fusion-io


Without Fusion-io





Footprint Reduction

With Fusion-io


Without Fusion-io


System Overview

System Before

  • 23U storage system
  • Required system to be down a full day for upgrades
  • $1.95 storage cost per GB

System After

  • 6U Fusion ioControl SAN (two 3U units)
  • Seamless upgrades with no downtime hours
  • $0.09 storage cost per GB

"When we switched over to Fusion-io, we consolidated this down into two 3U boxes. We went from 23U to 6U and had a significant reduction in power, cabling, and rack space as a result, and we still have plenty of storage room to grow!"

Eric Moeller, CTO and Co-founder
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