JD.com Seamlessly Handles Highest Site Traffic Ever with ioMemory

Before Fusion-io, our site crashed every time we had a big promotion. After we installed Fusion-io, our site experienced its highest traffic ever without a hitch."
— Technical Principal,

Solution Focus

  • Retail
  • MS SQL Server


The Fusion-io Solution

Eliminated site slowness and unresponsive servers by moving data off direct-attached storage shelves onto ioMemory in mission-critical OLTP database servers.

  • 27x performance density
    • 9x faster queries
    • 3:1 server consolidation
    • 3x footprint reduction
    • 10x IOPS

The Bottom Line

Higher performance from far less infrastructure:

  • Eliminated lost sales from site outages and slow response times
  • Footprint consolidation and increased server workload delivers ROI from savings on:
    • Software licenses
    • Storage upgrades
    • Monitoring and maintenance
    • Floor space
    • Power and cooling
  • Deferred expensive planned SAN upgrade

3:1 OLTP Database Server Consolidation


Fusion Powered Software Stack

Retail Customer
Custom Web Services
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Windows Server

System Before

  • Hundreds of 4U primary database servers
  • 2U direct-attached storage array on each server

System After

  • Consolidated database servers 3:1
  • Stored all business data on ioDrives
  • Eliminated DAS arrays

“Migrating our SQL Server databases to ioMemory removed the disk bottleneck. The whole system is now more stable and nimble. Even the biggest  promotion in JD.com history had no issues."
— Technical Principal,