Case Studies

Our Customers and Their Stories

Fusion-io provides long-lasting solutions that help companies thrive and grow. See how our partnerships have created value for our customers in these detailed case studies.


SUNY College at Old Westbury Delivers High-Performance Scalable VDI with Fusion-io

SUNY had tried to deploy VDI, but the technology always bottlenecked at a certain level of scaling. With Fusion-io, SUNY achieved 1.6x faster desktop boot times, 2x faster desktop startup, linear scalability, and support for up to 150 desktops per server.

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WeMakePrice Creates Lightning Fast B2C eCommerce Site with ioMemory

Korean social-based e-commerce service company implemented a high-performance, efficient B2C site and virtualized software development environment.

Sports Chosun Scores with Readers and ioMemory-Accelerated Content

Leading online Korean sports news company improved customer service and scalability, while reducing footprint and maintenance costs.

Teeone Delivers High Uptime and Fast System Performance with ioControl Hybrid Storage

Managed hosting company Teeone achieved a 95% reduction in the cost per GB over its prior storage implementations when it switched to Fusion ioControl Hybrid Storage Appliance.

City of Oviedo Consolidates VMware Infrastructure—both VDI and Business Applications—on Single Fusion ioControl Hybrid Storage System

Fusion ioControl hybrid storage dramatically improved VDI performance and allowed the City of Oviedo, Florida to consolidate VDI and 20 applications onto its ioControl SAN.

Law Bulletin Publishing Company Improves System Availability and Performance with Fusion's ioControl Hybrid Storage

Law Bulletin Publishing Company uses ioControl hybrid storage to significantly improve I/O and backup speed for 300 servers, and with processing power to spare, accelerates applications like Exchange and Oracle in production servers.

British Healthcare Agency Makes Virtual Desktops Faster than Physical Desktops

A UK national healthcare organization, the West and South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Commissioning Support Unit (CSU), virtualizes 5500 desktops, supporting 220 users with each ioDrive 1.2TB powered server.

ioMemory's Big Day Out: Future Ticketing Smashes Online Ticket Processing in Australia

Leading Australian ticketing service destroys spinning disk latency problems for 19x faster online transaction processing performance.


From Hours to Seconds: QuestPoint Accelerates Time to Business Intelligence with ioMemory

When QuestPoint moved mission-critical OLTP and OLAP databases off the SAN and onto ioDrive products in its database servers, it eliminated I/O delays in the transactional databases and accelerated reporting times in QuestPoint's data warehouse.

MicroAd Makes Hadoop Scale Efficiently with ioMemory Products

MicroAd added ioMemory products to its Hadoop environment and got 5-6x more MapReduce tasks per server and doubled tracking log capacity on a smaller footprint for 1/5 the cost.