Welcome ID7

Posted: 18 Mar 2013   By: Gary Orenstein
Welcome ID7

Fusion-io has acquired ID7, a pioneer in software defined storage (SDS) and an open-source leader in shared storage systems. Our new colleagues have made outstanding contributions to Linux storage subsystems and bring specialized expertise in IT architecture and software design to our team of leading engineers and developers.

ID7 is the primary development team behind SCST, a Linux storage subsystem technology utilized and branded by many storage vendors throughout the world. Fusion-io has been working with the ID7 team on the ION Data Accelerator software, so we are particularly excited to to welcome ID7 to Fusion-io today.

The ID7 team has already made a significant impact to software defined storage. At Fusion-io, they will be working with our world-class engineering team to solve the biggest data challenges. We look forward to continued innovations transforming Linux based servers into powerful super servers capable of handing the most demanding storage requirements.

This endeavor matches an overwhelming trend in the industry towards open industry standard server systems, whereby customers can choose the hardware platforms that best suit their needs and couple them with the most capable software to maximize their use.

To date we have seen software defined storage solutions help customers across industries from retail to financial to media and online web applications. We have also seen global adoption of this software and server-centric approach.

Fusion-io enthusiastically supports open source, and we will continue to encourage the open principles that have made ID7 and SCST successful, including maintaining an open source version of SCST. This commitment carries over to open data centers, where we recently contributed the design of our ioScale hyperscale accelerator to the Open Compute Project.

The future for software defined and open-source solutions is brighter than ever. With more infrastructure deployments on open industry standard servers infused with powerful software, numerous opportunities await to advance our industry.

We look forward to those steps by welcoming the ID7 team to Fusion-io.

More information on the open source version of SCST is available online at http://scst.sourceforge.net/.





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