Symantec's Storage Foundation Runs Faster with Flash

Posted: 03 Oct 2012   By: Chris Kenney
Symantec's Storage Foundation Runs Faster with Flash

If you use Symantec’s Veritas Storage Foundation to manage the servers and storage in your virtual or cloud environment, your operations just got a lot more efficient. Symantec has optimized Storage Foundation to run faster and better on flash using Linux TRIM primitives.

Traditionally, when you delete something from flash memory, the system marks those cells not used, but nothing is completely wiped until the system needs to use those cells again. When this happens, instead of writing data to the drive, the system must overwrite, which takes more time and can reduce reliability and wear caused by garbage collection processes.

With TRIM primitives, Storage Foundation can clear out blocks that are no longer needed, which leads to increased durability, reliability, and performance.

Vertitas Storage Foundation already reduces overall storage costs by improving data management via deduplication, compression, and other tools to reduce primary storage footprints. Enabling ultra-low latency performance with Fusion ioMemory in Storage Foundation 6 provides maximum efficiency in datacenters and the cloud. Symantec customers using ioMemory will be able to achieve performance improvements in addition to those that come naturally with Fusion-io.

We look forward to further developments with Symantec as they continue to provide customers with some of the best data management solutions on the market.

Chris Kenney

Program Manager, Strategic Alliances
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