New Year's Resolution: Remember Names

Posted: 04 Jan 2013   By: Jodi Mardesich
New Year's Resolution: Remember Names

How many times have you been introduced to someone—at a business conference or a party—and forgotten their name immediately? It's even more embarrassing when someone you know joins the group of people you just met. You realize that you can't make introductions without admitting, "I already forgot your name."

When I first met Nelson Dellis, USA Memory Champion and Fusion-io team member, I was struck by one thing he said. You have to really listen and pay attention to remember someone's name. That might sound obvious, but think about that next time you meet someone. Pay attention, instead of looking past them, scouting out someone else to talk to.

Nelson gives some great memory advice in the video below. Before you even hear the person's name, take note of a feature on their face. Then ask their name. And then create a link between the name and the feature. The weirder, the better, Nelson says. Creating a visual association with the person's name helps you remember it. I have been testing this out for months, and it really works. Plus, people appreciate when you pay enough attention to remember them.

Watch the video for Nelson's tips, and see how many names you can remember!


Jodi Mardesich

Fusion-io Product Communications Manager
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