New Fusion-io Atomic Series Products Unlock Business Potential

Posted: 05 Jun 2014   By: Lance Smith
New Fusion-io Atomic Series Products Unlock Business Potential

When Fusion-io first proposed putting flash into servers, people said it couldn’t be done. However, our team of innovators was determined to find a new way. Since then, Fusion-io has continued to lead the industry as an innovator of memory storage technology, and we have done it again with the Fusion-io Atomic Series.

Years of dedication and hard work have led us to the Atomic Series. These new products have highly proven architecture with the largest capacities of up to 6.4TB in a single device, offering speed without sacrifice to our customers. As in-memory solutions become a requirement for modern applications, and we move toward the all-flash datacenter, the Atomic Series from Fusion-io will be the platform companies choose.

For today’s consumers, buffering is a 4-letter word, making real-time data a necessity for any solution or application to be successful. We are excited to see how our customers use Atomic Series to meet the demands of their users and create new applications and solutions that will reshape the way we live.

For more information about Atomic Series, read our announcement here. For more details about the products’ abilities, check out our Atomic Series Overview.

Lance Smith

Senior Vice President and General Manager, ioMemory
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