Creativity, Focus, and Vision: Thoughts on Joining Fusion-io

Posted: 18 Mar 2013   By: Mark Klarzynski
Creativity, Focus, and Vision: Thoughts on Joining Fusion-io

Designing a good storage solution is not unlike the roll of a dice. Sure, it's easy to look at the market and the competition, add a few tweaks and a pinch of performance, and presto, you have a solution. But in reality, at best you will end up with a "me-too" product and most likely it will be just a little too late.
Conversely, you could allow your technical creativity to run wild and invent the solution the world has been waiting for. Unfortunately, the world is rarely eager or ready to pounce upon a new concept. In storage, stability rules our world, and large leaps in technology generally take some ironing out.
Every so often a technology appears which is not only different, but it is also a perfect solution to a problem the market is just coming to terms with. To achieve such exact timing means that someone, somewhere sat down two years or so earlier and focused on a future that wasn't even on the mainstream radar. There were no analyst reports to build from; just creativity, focus, and a vision. Fusion-io is the perfect example of such vision and achievement. As an observer, before becoming part of the team today, I witnessed Fusion-io pop out yet another perfectly-timed solution one after another, from ION Data Accelerator to ioScale, continually adding another pillar of strength to its product portfolio.
In the last 20 years, I have worked with a full spectrum of storage vendors, and while most vendor projects are driven by reacting to the competition or simply evolving bigger, wider, faster solutions, Fusion-io is different. From the start of our relationship, the company kept a laser-point focus aimed straight at the user. The ION Data Accelerator unites Fusion technology with ID7 and SCST software, delivering the power that Fusion is renowned for to an entire SAN. The ION Data Accelerator is in no way a standard flash array SAN product. It is the start of a long roadmap of application-focused solutions which boost productivity levels of businesses beyond those seen before.
Fusion’s acquisition of ID7 and SCST is an exciting day for me and all of my colleagues. Collectively, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge. We look forward to being a part of such a dynamic team and contributing to Fusion's growth and success within user-focused software defined storage. We are all looking forward to what comes next.

Mark Klarzynski

ID7 CTO & Founder, Fusion-io Senior Director of Engineering
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