Fusion-io Atomic Series: People, Partners and Product

Posted: 05 Jun 2014   By: Sean Hehir
Fusion-io Atomic Series: People, Partners and Product

Fusion-io has a legacy of great partnerships spanning nearly our entire company history. These relationships, based on years of investment from mutual technology collaborations, have created numerous opportunities to provide customers with solutions that unlock business potential.

Today, Fusion-io announced the Atomic Series, which is built on foundational technology achievements that offer speed without sacrifice. Utilizing the latest flash memory technology, Atomic Series provides the renowned reliability, performance and capacity that customers and partners expect from Fusion-io, while moving toward the all-flash datacenter.

The partner first approach of Fusion-io has allowed us to become the only flash memory provider to OEM products with every server vendor. These partnerships have prospered based on years of investment from both sides, and we are fortunate enough to have the strategic alliances in place as we continue to unlock new opportunity in the datacenter with application acceleration solutions.

In light of the Atomic Series announcement, we have compiled thoughts from various technology leaders that highlight why they have chosen to partner from Fusion-io.


“By using a technology partner who works with us to bring something to market, we’re creating a greater value than each company standing by itself. We’re able to build newer products that will revolutionize the market, bring down the total cost of ownership, yet bring up total customer satisfaction.” – Sam Greenblatt, Vice President and Chief Technical Evangelist, Enterprise Solution Group (ESG), Dell

“Partnering that we’ve had in the field has been just top notch and that really makes a difference in front of the customer because they’re going to want to understand what the solution looks like and how to apply it in their use case. We’re not going to see this go away. This is not a fad. This isn’t going to be something that is here today, gone tomorrow. This sort of architecture is going to be persistent. It’s going to be part of the landscape for a long time.” – KC Choi, Vice President, Global Presales Solutions Architecture, Hewlett-Packard

“We are excited to be working with Fusion-io to deliver leading flash solutions to hyperscale and enterprise customers. Our work with Fusion-io spans cooperation in Open Compute configurations, dense hyperscale deployments, and enabling channel partners with fully configured Fusion-io flash appliances.” – Steve Ichinaga, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Hyve Solutions

“Fusion-io has been a partner of ours for many years. Flash is becoming very important as the price points drop, so what we’re seeing here is spinning disk is going to be replaced by flash. It’s all a question of time. We’ve done a number of things together where we’ve improved the environment for our customers and we think that’s a starting point for a lot of future collaboration.” – Bob Galush, Vice President Marketing, IBM x86 Server Business, IBM

“The marriage of both Fusion-io’s sales force and Lenovo’s sales force gives our customer base a phenomenal level of competency to really architect world class solutions around their most mission critical workloads each and every day. Our relationship, partnership and alliance with Fusion-io is going to give customers the speed that they need to build the businesses that their customers require.” – Eric Arcese, Executive Director, Worldwide Enterprise Alliances, Lenovo

“The enhanced performance capabilities of Fusion-io flash memory and Percona Server offer users new opportunities for improved MySQL performance. Fusion-io continues to be at the forefront of flash-aware applications. We’re pleased to partner with them to drive innovations around Atomic Writes and NVM Compression through new functionality in Percona Server.” – Peter Zaitsev, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Percona

“We’ve collaborated with Fusion-io among large enterprises and service providers to deliver cost-effective, scalable solutions based on Red Hat's open systems and infrastructures.” – Scott Musson, Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances, Red Hat

“Fusion-io flash memory accelerates applications far beyond the capabilities of other storage technologies. Our collaboration with Fusion-io enables MariaDB users to enjoy lower total ownership costs and enhanced performance.” – Patrik Sallner, Chief Executive Officer, SkySQL

“Through our close partnership with Fusion-io, customers dramatically improve performance, ensure availability, and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their enterprise applications and databases. SIOS Protection Suite software and Fusion-io flash memory provide our customers with even higher capacity and faster performance for our high availability cluster solutions.” Jerry Melnick, Chief Operating Officer, SIOS Technology Corp

“Supermicro continues to develop a deep partnership with Fusion-io, offering the densest and highest performance flash configurations on the market. Together we are enhancing performance while driving down the cost of datacenter computing with complete solutions not possible in non-flash architectures.” – Wally Liaw, Senior Vice President, Sales International, Supermicro

“Our partnership with Fusion-io enables our customers to realize benefits of higher efficiency and agility from the software-defined datacenter. From servers to shared flash appliances, Fusion-io provides performance for virtualized environments to accelerate business success with VMware solutions.” – Kit Colbert, CTO, End User Computing, VMware

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