FLASH REPORT: Brain Bottlenecks, NAND Flash Chip Fingerprints, Monsters and More

Posted: 19 Aug 2011   By: Brad Johnson
FLASH REPORT: Brain Bottlenecks, NAND Flash Chip Fingerprints, Monsters and More

Jessica's off this week on a hunting expedition. I'm Brad, and I'm filling in for Jessica to give you a lightning fast rundown on news that interests you.

Did you know there's more than one bottleneck in the brain? Turns out there's a unified bottleneck that hinders our multitasking. The Fed is also finding out there are also bottlenecks that get in the way of datacenter virtrualization. Luckily Fusion-io can help them consolidate and virtualize successfully.

In this week's episode, we also look at a story reporting that unique fingerprints on NAND flash chips could help detect counterfiet products, and we give a shout out to Nutanix, an innovative partner letting you virtualize without a SAN.

Think your boss is a monster? Then check out the monsters io9 says might actually be good bosses. And speaking of awesome monsters, come meet the man who made  many of them into our most iconic superheroes (and supervillians) - Stan Lee - at our VMworld party on August 29. Register here to get on the VIP list and bring your show badge to get in.

To watch the full report, click on the video below.

To read the stories we talked about in this week's episode, follow the links below:

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The New Urgency For Server Virtualization (InformationWeek Government)

NAND Flash Can Verify a Device's Identity (PCWorld)

Start-up Releases All-in-one VMware Server, Storage Appliance (Computerworld)

Ten Monsters Who Would Make Pretty Good Bosses (io9)

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