FLASH REPORT: Paravirtualization, IBM's Cognitive Computer Core, and More

Posted: 26 Aug 2011   By: Jessica Dunn
FLASH REPORT: Paravirtualization, IBM's Cognitive Computer Core, and More

This week on the Flash Report, we bring you a story about paravirtualization, code speak for a trick IT administrators can do to get virtual machines to share I/O. Also, did you know that Red Hat has dropped its dependence on Microsoft's Windows Server and SQL Server? Users of the new Red Hat Virtualization can hang their red hat where they please, at least in terms of operating systems.

We also discuss a story about how the brain deals with time, explaining why some seconds move quickly and some seem to last forever. We also highlight a story about IBM's first cognitive computer core–a new chip from IBM with a worm-like intelligence not as functional as a human brain, but advanced enough to be used to monitor things like traffic and contaminated produce, and even react to situations as they are unfolding.

More sports bar owners are screening live championship matches for video games, and the geeks heading there in droves are boosting the bar businesses. Techies (including Steve Wozniak) are also heading to our VMworld party in Las Vegas Monday night, co-hosted by Marvel Comics' Stan Lee. Click the video below for all the details!

Virtualization Primer: Paravirtualization

Red Hat Virtualisation Drops Windows Requirement

Why Some Seconds Seem to Last Forever

IBM Unveils Brain-Like Chip

Sports Bars Turn Dial to Videogame Matches

Marvel Comics' Top Writers Reveal the Superheroes' Next big Challenge (and why Hulk's Rocking a Mustache)

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