Exit to the Beginning

Posted: 24 Apr 2013   By: John Spiers
Exit to the Beginning

One of the interesting things about NexGen in the light of today’s news is that we never had an exit strategy.  Our goal was to grow the company in the way that would best serve the needs of customers. Today, we essentially went public through becoming a part of Fusion-io. Getting to that stage happened a lot more quickly than anyone ever imagined.

The speed of our transition from founding to becoming a part of the leading company in flash memory acceleration is indicative of an industry in transition. Fusion-io has been leading many of the changes, but the move to open, software defined platforms is happening across the IT ecosystem.

Our alignment with Fusion-io is exciting, as we are joining a team that has the same ideas that we do about how to help customers deal with the data demands faced around the world today.  We see flash as a persistent memory. On standard server platforms with features defined by software, flash can deliver far more value to customers.

We built NexGen to solve real customer problems that the rest of the industry was neglecting.  Our objective was and still is to help as many customers as we can do their job better and have a better quality of work life.  That means staying laser focused on delivering as much value as quickly as possible, and helping customers through the process of shifting to these new platforms.

NexGen is about developing groundbreaking storage innovation to provide new levels of value to customers. Kelly Long and I founded NexGen for one reason only: To build a great company focused on customers.  The NexGen team is committed to this goal. We want to build a business around innovation and creating value. They love the process and are in it for the satisfaction of the work.

That’s why I see this next phase in NexGen’s growth as a new beginning rather than the end. It’s the best strategy that allows NexGen to scale, innovate, and create customer value faster. Rather than having the senior team out on the road raising funds like a start-up, we can all focus on building the business for customers.

Simple things like Fusion-io’s global support, operations, and sales presence means we can go to market faster around the world.  This would take years to build out as a stand-alone company. Overnight, those concerns are eliminated and we can get to work to help Fusion-io continue to lead the industry by meeting the needs of customers dealing with more data across every application in their organizations.

All of us at NexGen are in it for the long haul. The Fusion-io acquisition is not an exit, it’s the beginning of something great.

John Spiers

CEO, NexGen Storage; Fusion-io SVP and General Manager of NexGen Products
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