Dell Posts Its Best VMmark Score Using Fusion ION Data Accelerator

Posted: 16 Aug 2013   By: Adam Bacia
Dell Posts Its Best VMmark Score Using Fusion ION Data Accelerator

Dell posted its best VMmark score, and its first using Fusion ION Data Accelerator. Dell's new record, 19.79 @ 18 tiles on the PowerEdge R820, is an increase of 80% over its previous record, set last December using flash arrays.

Waseem Raja, an engineer on the Dell Solutions Performance Analysis team, decribed his experience in a blog post on Dell TechCenter. "We consider this result to be a great example of how an end-to-end Dell solution provides optimal performance for our customers," he wrote. "Each tile in VMmark 2.5 represents 8 virtual machines, so we can see that the four-socket R820 was able to sustain 80% more virtual machines than the two-socket R720." 

VMmark is a free tool that measures the performance and scalability of applications running in virtualized environments. As the first standard methodology for comparing virtualized platforms, the VMmark benchmark enables users on x86-based computers to:

  • Measure virtual datacenter performance accurately and reliably
  • View and compare the performance of different hardware and virtualization platforms

VMmark generates a realistic measure of virtualization platform performance by incorporating a variety of platform-level workloads such as dynamic VM relocation with vMotion and dynamic datastore relocation with storage vMotion, in addition to traditional application-level workloads. The consistent methodology captures both the overall scalability and individual application performance in the overall benchmark score.

Download the PDF to get the details on Waseem's testing.




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