Brett Lambright Wins the Grand Prize in Project ioFX

Posted: 08 Aug 2012   By: Vincent Brisebois
Brett Lambright Wins the Grand Prize in Project ioFX

We created Project ioFX to free artists from creative constraints so they could tell the ioFX story in their own words. We asked artists to create their own 60-second short to share on the Fusion ioFX Facebook page. Our judges, Fusion-io Chief Scientist Steve Wozniak, actor Danny Trejo (Machete) and two-time visual effects Academy Award® winner Rob Legato selected Brett Lambright as the grand prize winner. We announced his big win today at our SIGGRAPH trade show booth.

“It takes both technology and creativity to break through barriers and come up with unique new ideas, whether you’re making a movie or products for making better movies,” Fusion-io Chief Scientist Steve Wozniak told us. “All of the finalists turned in great projects, and we are pleased to name Brett the winner of Project ioFX. Artists working with digital media can now see their ideas come to life faster than ever before, and I’m excited about all the very cool creative work to come from artists around the world using the Fusion ioFX.”

Based on the Fusion ioMemory platform that leading enterprises around the world trust to accelerate their data centers, the Fusion ioFX provides studios and artists with a new memory tier for their workstations. With the cut-through architecture of ioMemory, the Fusion ioFX provides low-latency data performance tuned to manipulate digital content on the fly, bridging the gap between creative potential and hardware performance in the production pipeline.  The ioFX enables creative professionals to view changes in real-time, even when working with high-resolution stereoscopic content. The ioFX also accelerates video playback and rendering, video and image editing and compositing, encoding and transcoding as well as other data-intensive activities.

“Making great visual effects takes a lot of talent and time, and it’s cool to see how the artists that joined in the Project ioFX contest showed that the ioFX lets you focus on your talent, rather than worrying about time,” said Trejo. “Brett captured what the ioFX means to artists, while making an entertaining commercial that’s fun to watch. That part when the Fusion-io rocket took off was just outstanding!”

As the Project ioFX contest grand prize winner, Brett Lambright receives a Fusion ioFX, a Red Scarlet Camera, Adobe Creative Suite 6, Maingear workstation and other prizes. The finalists, who also included Frederick Ross, and Luis Kelly-Duarte, who were flown to SIGGRAPH 2012 for the grand prize ceremony.

See below or visit the Fusion-io YouTube page to watch Brett’s winning Project ioFX commercial. To learn more about Fusion ioFX, go to Follow Fusion ioFX on twitter at and on Facebook at

Congratulations to Brett Lambright!

Vincent Brisebois

Director of Performance and Visual Computing
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