How SQL Clusters Benefit from End-to-End Fusion-io Flash

Fusion-io ioControl Hybrid Storage n5-SPX is a flash storage solution that achieves performance and acceleration benefits for all types of businesses. Enterprise Strategy Group recently conducted hands-on testing of the ioControl in a mission-critical SQL Server clustered environment to validate the advantages. Read more about their discoveries here. 

Understanding VMmark: See Your VM Performance Rise with Flash

Everyone already knows that flash can accelerate your business-critical applications. But how do we quantify the upgrade? Here we demonstrate the value of VMmark, the most reliable way to calculate your performance. 

Fusion-io Accelerates In-Memory Databases With Microsoft SQL Server 2014

Fusion-io is proud to announce that we have been selected by Microsoft to participate in the launch of SQL Server 2014 - Read how ioMemory can boost the performance of In-Memory.

Fusion-io Puts ioMemory Reliability to the Test

Reliability is an important consideration for any business's IT. If a server or appliance fails, it's pivotal that your data is secure and your applications keep running. That’s why Fusion-io has created this demonstration that shows how the ION Accelerator protects your data, despite power loss or server failure. 

DRAM Reduction, ioMemory, and MongoDB Application Performance

Fusion-io shares how ioMemory reduces the necessary amount of DRAM needed to run MongoDB, improving the cost versus performance trade-off that comes when running a database on DRAM.

Fusion-io Boosts Business for Microsoft SQL Customers

Fusion-io has a long history enabling Microsoft SQL Server customers to boost their performance and accelerate their applications using industry-leading flash memory products. Check out highlights here on how we've helped Microsoft SQL Server customers realize the potential of their infrastructure with Fusion ioMemory. 

Fusion-io and Pipkins Make Workforce Management Manageable

Fusion ioMemory upgrades Pipkins to support six times the data load as the original, achieving maximum performance and reliability, with a customized system that leaves the company well-prepared for any of their future business needs. 

Fusion ioFX at NAB 2014

The Fusion ioFX is at NAB! We're partnering up with over a dozen of our friends to show you the power of VFX on ioFX. Check out where you can find us and what we'll be doing here. 

Flash in the Software-Defined Datacenter

Everyone is talking about deploying flash in the datacenter, but how do you know which flash method is right for your business? Here we walk you through flash used as persistant memory, flash as cache, and flash as storage to help you figure out which architecture might be right for you. 

The Evolution of MySQL in the All-Flash Datacenter

Fusion-io Lead Architect Nisha Talagala explains the future of non-volatile memory, and how new innovation is underway from the MySQL community to utilize these capabilities in her Percona Live keynote.